Do you ship to all countries?
We ship to many countries. Please let us know which country you are in via the contact form.
We have different shipping conditions for other countries.
Is it possible to customize the products?
Sure you can!
You can customize the topcart. This order is possible from 100 sets.
You can put on your own logo (in one colour) on the FLOWYS. These orders are possible from 5000 sets.

If your answer is not there or you would like to know more please send us an email via this contact form.
Resell FLOWYS?
Would you like to resell FLOWYS through your own (web)shop? You can!
We like to get in touch with you via this contactform.
What are FLOWYS?
FLOWYS, pronounced as: FLO-WIES.

FLOWYS are helping to determine the “disturbing moments’. FLOWYS do encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.
It is a visual tool to manage expectations from yourself and others FLOWYS have a notch so they can be put on a computer screen, this way they are visible to everyone. If the screen is larger than 2 cm, then it is likely the FLOWYS wear faster.

You can also confirm the FLOWYS in many other places, such as at the corner of the table, the lamp on the desk or to the holder of your screen.

FLOWYS are 1 set with 2 items.
I have a problem with a product
If you have a problem with any of the products, please let us know via the contact form.
A message with a clear description of the problem will be solved within a week. We will request additional information if necessary (photos).

If the cause of the problem is justified, we will bring a solution. The cause of the problem is well-founded if it is not caused by:

- incorrect assembly / treatment.
- damage by intent / negligence.
- misuse / improper maintenance.
- normal wear and tear.